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Tim Nay, M.A., M.S.W., J.D.

Willamette University College of Law, 1984
“Planning ahead lets parents tell their adult children that they have already made the difficult decisions and it is their job to simply carry out those decisions.”

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Practice Areas: Settlement Planning • Estate & Inheritance Tax PlanningEstate PlanningTrust AdministrationElder LawMedicaidSpecial Needs PlanningConservatorshipsWrongful Death Probate


Sam Friedenberg, J.D.

Lewis & Clark Law School, 1985
“The law should be understandable to all and not full of jargon and mystery.”

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Practice Areas: Estate & Inheritance Tax PlanningEstate PlanningTrust AdministrationSettlement PlanningSpecial Needs PlanningElder LawMedicaid Probate Wrongful Death ProbateConservatorships


Garvin Reiter, J.D., CELA*

Lewis & Clark Law School, 1996
“People come in confused by what they found on the Internet or what other people told them and they leave with clear answers to their questions.”

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Practice Areas: Elder LawMedicaid Estate & Inheritance Tax PlanningEstate PlanningSpecial Needs PlanningConservatorshipsProbate Wrongful Death Probate


Shannon Conley, J.D.

Gonzaga University School of Law, 2013
“This area of law is a tool for immortalizing your wishes and ensuring you and your loved ones will be able to maintain quality of life throughout difficult years.”

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Practice Areas: Guardianships/Conservatorships • Probate •  Elder Law • Estate Planning • Medicaid • Special Needs Planning


Brett Callahan, J.D.

Willamette University School of Law, 2011
“A good estate plan provides you with peace of mind today and eases the burden on your survivors tomorrow.”

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Practice Areas: Special Needs Planning • Medicaid • Elder Law • Estate Planning • Probate • Guardianships/Conservatorships

Julia Greenfield

Julia Greenfield, J.D.

Yale Law School, 1998
“The planning you do today will help your family tree flourish during all the seasons of your life and for generations to come.”

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Practice Areas: Medicaid • Special Needs Planning • Elder Law • Estate Planning

Aaron Cilek

Aaron Cilek, J.D. , LL.M

Ave Maria School of Law, 2012
University of Miami, Heckerling Program in Estate Planning, 2018
“A great estate plan evolves in lock step with an individual’s or family’s life circumstances.”

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Practice Areas: Estate Planning • Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning • Trust Administration • Probate