The court has appointed me as guardian for a family member. Does that mean I need to tell the court if I plan to move him or her?

Yes. If you are a guardian, you probably already know that the court requires you to file an Annual Guardian’s Report, which keeps the court updated about where the person is living and how they are doing.

What you may not know is that a recent change in the law requires you as the guardian to notify the court and the protected person at least 15 days in advance of any change of abode (where they live), or a decision to place the person in a mental health treatment facility, nursing home, or other type of residential facility.

A temporary hospitalization or vacation do not have to be noticed in advance. In an emergency situation, you must notify the court and serve the protected person with as much advance notice as possible. At worst, the court is required to be noticed no later than two judicial days after the move has occurred. If you do not comply, the Court can discipline or remove you as the guardian.

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