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“I felt absolutely daunted by the prospect of estate planning and kept putting it off.  But  once I discovered the highly informative  website of   Nay and Friedenberg, my anxiety lifted, and I was inspired to give them a call. Over the course of two sessions, Sam patiently guided me , step by step, through the process of creating a living trust. I give thanks for Sam’s legal expertise, his keen attention to every vital detail, as well as his down to earth warmth and compassion. With his help, I created a will that honored the unique dimensions of my life. My experience  at the law offices of Nay and Friedenberg turned out to be uplifting and deeply meaningful.”

— Wendy F

“Professional manner, Professional advice, I felt like more than just a client.”

— Carol S.

“Our attorney was personable, open, non-intimidating and answered questions patiently.”

— Barry H.

“The attorney’s kindness, knowledge and tremendous understanding of issues and feelings of his clients – Also, patience and thorough explanations.”

— Renate F.

“Quick, overall understanding of our legal issues and range of options to deal with them. The attorney was very good and can deal with the client on their level.”

— Richard D.

“I feel I was treated with respect, honesty and kindness.”

— Judy M.

“Our family is forever grateful for your services.”

— Jane P.

“Sensitivity, creative problem-solving, expertise regarding wills, trusts, and financial issues in general. I personally felt valued and validated for which I am grateful.”

— Roberta B.

“The attorney has been absolutely invaluable to our family during a most confusing and trying time. He has been very informed on current estate inheritance law, and always made us feel reassured after every visit.”

— Kathryn C.