A parent’s remarriage might affect government benefits, eligibility for scholarships, etc. – Portland, Oregon.

The Disability Planning attorneys with the Law Offices of Nay & Friedenberg explain how to protect a disabled child’s government benefits in a remarriage situation.

If a child under 18 is receiving money from Social Security because of the death of a birth parent, the remarriage of the surviving parent will not affect the Social Security payment.

However, if a disabled child is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), this can be affected by a parent’s remarriage, since household income is a factor in determining eligibility. The new spouse’s income level and assets will be considered by the state. This is important because the child’s eligibility for medical insurance through the Medicaid program will also be affected by a loss of SSI benefits.

Applications for college scholarships based on need are definitely affected by a parent’s remarriage. The federal government requires that the stepparent’s salary be included on financial aid forms, even though stepparents have no legal responsibility to their stepchildren. The daughter of a single mom may have an advantage for receiving financial aid, but if her mother remarries, she could find herself ineligible for scholarships, even if her stepfather will not pay for her education.

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